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Two caucasian dolls, one male and one female, are sitting in wire lawn chairs in front a green circular door looking into the camera.

Fun Memories from the Shire!

Throwback to when Evie and Max celebrated Hobbit Day by exploring The Shire! They loved the green rolling hills and beautiful trees everywhere 🌲

How else did they do to celebrate Bilbo’s birthday? πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

They had first AND second breakfast, talked to some Ents, and spent some time planting flowers! πŸ₯žπŸŒ³πŸŒ·

Hobbits really are amazing creatures!😊

Caucasian female doll with long light brown hair is looking at camera with her hand on her head. She worryingly points to a  pair of legs that are wearing red shoes, like the Wizard of Oz storypiece of red tape with white stripespiece of red tape with white stripescorner shadow
corner shadow

Get answers to some of your questions:

What's next in our amazing story?

Getting ready to launch our great line of dolls! After several years of development, we're getting close to the time when our dolls will be ready to go to their forever homes. Sign up here for more on WHEN!

What will our other dolls look like?

On the drawing board right now are more dolls that look like kids! In our initial release we plan to have boys and girls who are Caucasian, Black, Asian, and Hispanic and Latino.

Will there be a doll like me?

Of course! Our ultimate goal is for kids to be able to send in a photo of themselves for us to duplicate their faces and/or limb differences through 3D printing. It's a ways off right now, but one when it's possible, we intend to offer a doll that looks like you!

Where can I buy one?

Here, soon! The Doll For All will have Just For You! Dolls available with and without disabilities. And you can order the alterations you want: hair styles, eye color, limb differences and more!
Our team is getting ready to set up a Kickstarter campaign, to sign up for information on how to get involved, click here.

If you have some good news or a heartwarming story to tell us about kids - with or without special healthcare needs - generally being awesome to each other, please share it with us

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so we can share and inspire others. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Our Early Prototypes Evie and Max

want to show you some of the fun things they can do!

A Caucasian female doll is reading a book to her stuffed animal while sitting on the floor
Two Caucasian dolls, one male and one female, are riding their bikes on top a grassy area
Two Caucasian dolls, one male and one female, are pointing their wands at the camera as they stand next to each other

Whether it's learning new skills, playing baseball, or going to Hogwarts,
they can do just about anything!

A Caucasian male doll with dark brown hair and eyes is standing on a baseball diamond holding a baseball bat
Two dolls, one male and one female, are playing the board game Monopoly on the floor
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