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Max & Evie - let the Games begin!

Spring has sprung! Evie and Max are ready to get out and play baseball, football, soccer ~ let's play it all!

Like real kids coping with a disability, these two friends can do just about anything they set their mind to!

What's your favorite sport? Need somebody to play 2nd base? Max is your guy! He's the Action Figure Doll you've been waiting for! 😊

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Get answers to some of your questions:

What's next in our amazing story?

We've launched our dolls that can be customized for kids with limb differences! Taking Pre-Orders NOW! Just click the red Indiegogo button at the top. Once we're fully up to speed we'll be able to offer a wider range of disabilities to choose from. Sign up here for updates!

What will our other dolls look like?

On the drawing board right now are more dolls that look like real kids! In our initial launch we're making Evie and Max available for customization. As soon as possible, we plan to have boys and girls who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Latino and more!

Will there ever be a doll JUST like me?

Of course! Our ultimate goal is for kids to be able to send in a photo of themselves for us to duplicate their faces and/or limb differences through 3D printing. It's a ways off right now, but when it's possible, we intend to offer a doll that looks very much like you!

Where can I buy one?

Pre-Order is now available through Indiegogo InDemand! You can order the customizations you want: hair styles, eye color, limb differences and more!
Click on "Our Indiegogo Campaign" at the top of the page for the whole scoop. If you have any questions, go to the "Let's Be Friends" section where you can contact us anytime.

If you have some good news or a heartwarming story to tell us about kids - with or without special healthcare needs - generally being awesome to each other, please share it with us

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so we can share and inspire others. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Evie and Max

want to show you some of the fun things they can do!

Whether it's learning new artistic skills, playing with Tinkertoys, or cooking,
they can do just about anything!

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