About The Doll For All

The Doll For All is based on the idea of a young woman named Aysha who had special healthcare needs when she was a child. Following brain surgery at age seven, Aysha had many follow up visits to the hospital where she met kids with different health challenges. She realized these kids didn’t have a doll that looked like them and she dreamed of making a doll that could be altered for whatever disability or medical needs a child may have . After many years, her dream is finally coming true! Find out more about Aysha here.

Behind The Scenes

We have been developing The Doll For All for over 5 years.

Here you can see the first hand and arm prototype on the right that our inventor, Rick Harrison, made out of vinyl pieces from three different dolls, wood and refrigerator tubing!

Many skilled craftsmen have worked with Rick over the years, helping to him refine the design and get it 3D printed.

The pink pieces are very early 3D prints of an arm part.

Here you see one of the first really functional hands holding a small fork.

The difficulty in getting 3D files persisted and Rick decided to use an old-fashioned casting method to make doll parts and keep refining how the joints fit. There are a total of 71 parts that make up each doll. For many months it was a process of casting and 3D printing the parts over and over again to make sure it all fit perfectly.

Our goal: to be able to deliver a doll that moves much like a child and can be customized for whatever disability a girl or boy may have. And we’ve done it!

Evie was our first prototype, followed by Max, and both can be customized for limb different children. Our ultimate dream is to be able to customize our dolls for any disability a child may have. There’s many versions yet to come, so stay tuned!  

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